SCience at Evergreen

Science at Evergreen

Welcome to Evergreen STEM+C (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Computer Science). This site was built by scientists at Evergreen to provide resources and details about science opportunities at the college and beyond. You can also find more information at the official Evergreen website The Sciences at Evergreen are interdisciplinary, inclusive and academically rigorous with high levels of student engagement. Most of all, we value hands-on learning. Explore this site to learn more about the opportunities for studying science at The Evergreen State College and join us! 

Did you know that Evergreen science students . . .

Learn more about Evergreen in this video:

This image shows the clock tower and sycamore trees at the center of campus
This image shows the sun shining through the trees in Evergreen's 1000 acre forest
This image shows a student tending plants in the greenhouse at the Organic Farm.
A student working in the lab, using liquid nitrogen.
Students pipet a culture onto Petri dishes in a Microbiology lab
Students collect samples at the Evergreen beach

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