What you can study

Evergreen is an amazingly flexible institution that allows students to explore their interests and interdisciplinary connections. The curriculum is organized as fields of study within paths that allows you to sample more focused areas and/or create your own path! Almost half of all fields of study at Evergreen are in the sciences in four main areas: Math and Computer Sciences, Food and Agriculture, Integrated Biology and Chemistry, and Environmental Studies.

At Evergreen, science students can earn a Bachelor's degree in Science (B.S.), Arts (B.A.), or both (BS/BA). You might hear that we don't have majors, but really that just means you design your own major! Students declare an area of emphasis and explain why it is important in their Academic Statement - part of their transcript.

Science students can also go on to earn a Master's degree in one of our stellar, nationally ranked graduate programs.

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Evergreen Sciences Will Take You Beyond the Classroom

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