Environmental Studies

Students at Evergreen have a long history of achieving a rigorous education in Environmental Studies. Students in environmental studies benefit from Evergreen’s natural learning labs. You can also work independently with support through independent contracts, internships, and research experiences. We offer Environmental Studies programs in diverse areas such as marine biology, ornithology, freshwater ecology, vertebrate zoology, mycology, forestry and more!

Natural Resources & Conservation

Discover how human and earth systems are connected by studying forestry, conservation biology, sustainability, and more. Explore problems such as the climate crisis, species extinctions, and pollution with practical tools from different disciplines. Greeners have a big presence in natural resources management, and internship opportunities with state, federal, and local natural resource organizations are abundant.

Ecosystem science

Programs in ecosystem science focus on the movement and distribution of matter and energy, and major global environmental issues like climate change. Students integrate math, chemistry, biology, and science communication to better understand nutrient cycling, hydrology, carbon cycling, and biogeochemistry on local and global scales.

Biodiversity studies

Get hands-on with field-based studies in animal behavior, biodiversity, and natural history. Working with plants, fungi, fish, birds, mammals, and more, you’ll connect the molecular and biochemical worlds to the evolutionary process and learn to analyze lifeforms from land and sea. You’ll gain skills in identification, taxonomy, systematics, and natural history.