Science Careers

Did you know?

Stopping soil erosion, creating apps for smart phones, producing a vaccine, saving an endangered species, creating lighter shoes, and cleaning up oil spills all have one thing in common – they are accomplished by someone in a STEM career!

The fastest growing occupations that require a STEM degree are in the health sciences, computer sciences, statistics and information sciences (US News). But STEM is everywhere!

Those who earn degrees in science earn, on average, $15,000 more out of college than those who don’t have a science degree (Business Insider). In fact, 93 out of 100 STEM jobs had wages higher than the national average (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

A Proud Greener and Founder of Fungi Perfecti

Business-owner and mycologist Paul Staments got a start in Evergreen Science programs, and went on to found Fungi Perfecti and make the documentary film Fantastic Fungi


Katie Jones got her degree Evergreen Science programs working on Community Science Approaches in Forest Ecology, and now works as a Research Scientist in Plant Ecology for the National Ecological Observatory (NEON) #NEON

Marine biologist John Calambokidis

John Calambokidis '78 is a leading expert on whales and a co-founder of the Cascadia Research Collective. While a student at Evergreen, John collected data that he used in over 12 publications. Read more here.