Evergreen Student Awards

National Science Foundation

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program Awards are some of the most prestigious in the country. Evergreen students have received 35 awards and 45 honorable mentions over the years. This has resulted in over $3.5 million in funding for graduate school costs! See below for a full list of recipients.

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Evergreen NSF GRFP awardees: 36 total since 1986

2022: Iris Garthwaite (Life Sciences, Ecology)

2020: Ataya Cesspooch (Native Studies)

2019: Benjamin Lemmond (Life Sciences, Systematics and Biodiversity)

2017: Megan Brady (Life Sciences, Ecology), Willow Coyote-Maestas (Life Sciences, Biochemistry)

2016: Tez F. Stair (Life Sciences, Animal Behavior)

2014: Nisa M. Karimi ’09 (Life Sciences, Plant Systematics), Christina A. Masden ‘11 (Human-Computer Interaction), and Kari A. Gathier ’00 (Life Sciences, Cell Biology)

2013: Kathryn C. Hill (Life Sciences, Ecology), Kyobi J. Skutt-Kakaria (Life Sciences, Microbiology)

2012: Jesse Emerson Dutton Miller (Life Sciences, Ecology)

2011: Dustin A. Beasley (Psychology, Social Science), Ruth E. Velasquez Estrada (Social Sciences, Cultural Anthropology)

2010: Erica Dirks (Life Sciences, Microbiology)

2009: Lauren M. Kuehne (Life Sciences, Fish and Wildlife)

2008: Oliver S. Cossairt (Computer Graphics and Visualization)

2007: Daniel C. Barton (Life Sciences, Evolutionary Biology)

2006: Aaron L. Holmes (Life Sciences, Fish and Wildlife), Florence Caplow (Life Sciences, Botany)

2005: Heather D. Clark (Social Sciences, Cultural Anthropology)

2004: Diane A. Nelson (Ecology), Emiliana Cruz (Anthropology, Linguistics)

2002: Peter G. Kennedy (Ecology)

2001: Jay D. Carlisle (Biology), Mitchell P. Levesque (Evolution)

2000: Matthew P. Kweskin (Evolution), Maya C. Parson (Cultural Anthropology)

1999: Elizabeth E. Thomas (Microbiology)

1996: Mark D. Schulze (Botany)

1993: Daniel C. Fain

1991: Victor A. Shames (Psychology)

1990: Carolyn J. Roos (Mechanical Engineering), Elizabeth L. Winter (Life Sciences, Physiology)

1988: John D. Mckinney (Life Sciences, Molecular Biology)

1986: Jeffry A. Leer (Social Sciences, Linguistics)


Evergreen NSF GRFP Honorable Mentions: 46 since 1994

2022: Shebly Marie Defeo (Engineering - Environmental Engineering)

2017: Emily R. Wolfe (Life Sciences, Ecology)

2016: Tristan N. M. Weiss (Geosciences, Biogeochemistry), Rachel L. Olsson (Life Sciences, Environmental Biology)

2015: Rachel L. Olsson (Life Sciences, Environmental Biology), Caitlin Cornell (Chemistry, Chemical Measurement)

2014: D. Alphonse Fischer (Geosciences, Atmospheric Chemistry)

2013: D. Alphonse Fischer (Geosciences, Atmospheric Chemistry), Eli J. Fahrenkrug (Materials Research), Mehmet Balkan (Life Sciences, Ecology)

2009: Celeste T. Holz-Schietinger (Life Sciences, Biochemistry), Erika K. Gleason (Social Sciences, Cultural Anthropology)

2008: Corina J. Logan (Life Sciences, Evolutionary Biology), Jennifer L. Snyder (Life Sciences, Entomology)

2007: Marianne S. Moore (Life Sciences, Biology), Corina J. Logan (Life Sciences, Animal Behavior), Nicole A. Hynson (Life Sciences, Ecology)

2006: Nicole A. Hynson (Life Sciences, Ecology), Terra Edwards (Social Sciences, Linguistics)

2005: Aaron L. Holmes (Life Sciences, Ecology)

2004: Karuna Morarji (Sociology), Daniel J. Barshis (Zoology)

2003: Abigail M. Sorenson (Ecology), Diane A. Nelson (Ecology), Monica L. Gerth (Chemistry, Biophysics)

2002: Eunice L. Blavascunas (Cultural Anthropology)

2001: Peter G. Kennedy (Ecology), Hector D. Douglas (Marine Biology)

2000: Grant A. Ramsey (Evolution), Peter L. Gibert (Ecology)

1999: Alexander R. Cobb (Botany), Maya C. Parson (Cultural Anthropology), Teresa R. Carmody (Cultural Anthropology), Gretchen A. Bakke (Cultural Anthropology)

1998: Cynthia R. Hartway (Ecology), Alexander R. Cobb (Ecology), Daniel E. Bunker (Ecology)

1997: Kristina M. Rhode (Ecology), Marja Eloheimo (Anthropology)

1996: Christy A. Brigham (Ecology), Daniel B. Haug (Geography)

1995: David A. T. King (Life Sciences, Neuroscience), Christy Anne Brigham

1994: Julianna L. Robinson (Life Sciences, Genetics), Emily S. Manning (Social Sciences), Sarah M. Gibbs (Life Sciences, Neuroscience)

Presidential Management Fellows

2023: Iris Garthwaite (Environmental Sciences/Natural Resources)