Mathematical, Physical and Computer Sciences

Hands-on work, inclusive practices, a wealth of campus resources, and friendly faculty give students the confidence they need to take on the challenge of computer science, mathematics, and physical sciences at Evergreen. Turn your interests into a career. Learn more about the Mathematical, Physical and Computer Sciences and join us!


Students can study both pure and applied mathematics at Evergreen. Our signature upper division math program is called "Mathematical Systems," but students can engage with mathematical thinking in a variety of programs and at various levels. Evergreen promotes an inclusive and collaborative learning environment for learning math.


Physics is a part of several programs at Evergreen. Introductory programs combine the study of physics with art, chemistry, philosophy and more. Recently, physics offerings have been tied to sustainability studies and climate change. Students can also study advanced Physics as part of PSAM: "Physical Systems and Mathematical Methods."

Computer Science

We have a long history of teaching Computer Science at Evergreen, and many alumni have gone on to do great things in the field. Whether you are interested in cybersecurity, robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, or parallel programing, Evergreen Computer Science has something for you. Solve real-world problems by joining new cohorts studying Computer Science this year! 


In a world that is ever more complex, connected and technologically advanced with computerization of physical infrastructure, we need people who can quickly assess risk and create solutions to a variety of problems. Evergreen has a strong undergraduate Computer Science program and supports learning in Cybersecurity. Greeners have even won the Pacific Rim Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition!

Physical Computing

Combine your love of hands-on learning with studying computer science through our Physical Computer Lab that includes 3D printers, Arduino kits, Raspberry Pis, and a sandboxed networking lab. You can also apply for an internship to work in the lab!

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