Teach Science!

Teaching Changes Lives

Teaching is a way to open doors and opportunities for all students. Becoming a teacher at any level is a powerful way to become an agent of change.

You too can become a teacher!

Inclusive Science Teaching Changes the world

Evergreen faculty use inclusive teaching practices and create a respectful and welcoming environment. Faculty promote engagement and success of all students while fostering a sense of belonging.

nSF Noyce Grant

In partnership with local high schools and community colleges, and with funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF), we are actively recruiting students into math and science to develop their content knowledge and skills while fostering their interests in teaching. Some science students will go on to earn a Master’s degree in the Masters in Teaching (MIT) program at Evergreen and become an agent of change - a K-12 teacher!

Earning a Master's degree in a stellar, nationally ranked Master's program at Evergreen can change your life, so you can change the lives of others.

Science Carnival: STEM Outreach

The Evergreen Science Carnival is an opportunity to share your science research with kids. Over 100 K-12 students come to campus to learn about STEM each year. Practice your presentation and teaching skills and engage young, curious minds.

Science Tutor

Many science students at Evergreen can practice teaching as a tutor for a program or the Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning Center (QuaSR). These positions are paid! Ask science staff and faculty to learn more about becoming a tutor!

Science Lab Aide

Science students can also get practice in their discipline by becoming a lab aide. These positions allow students to help other students while learning. These positions are also paid. Ask science staff and faculty to learn more about becoming a lab aide!