Science Outreach

Evergreen faculty and students facilitate science outreach to K-12 and informal audiences across the region. Evergreen also hosts several annual events for the broader community - read more about science outreach below! 

young children learning about how to make soap with science students at Evergreen

Annual Science Carnival

Evergreen students and faculty organize an annual event for K-12 students to visit campus and learn through various workshops. 

During COVID, we have suspended the Science Carnival, and instead are doing outreach to school groups in-person (read more below). 

Outreach to schools

See this page for a list of off-campus outreach faculty engaged in during the 2021-22 school year. We are working to match faculty with classrooms during 2022-23 school year, and you can contact Dr. Clarissa Dirks (dirksc[at] about scheduling visits. 

young children watching bees moving across a honeycomb inside a glass box
a large group of K-12 students gathered outside the CRC on campus for the Student GREEN congress

Annual student Green congress

Evergreen has hosted the Annual Student GREEN Congress for over 25 years! GREEN stands for "Global Rivers Environmental Education Network" and this event is co-sponsored by the Nisqually River Education Project and South Sound GREEN. Evergreen faculty and students help facilitate this very special watershed science event and help with various workshops. 

During COVID, the Student GREEN Congress has moved online. 

science outreach in prisons

The Sustainability in Prisons Project is a partnership between Evergreen and the WA State Department of Corrections. Evergreen staff and students organize science and sustainability outreach in all 12 prisons in Washington. Incarcerated students can earn Evergreen credit through certificate programs in endangered species husbandry, sustainability, and ecoliteracy. 

an incarcerated student working in the butterfly greenhouse to rear endangered butterflies

Click through images below - Evergreen students and faculty providing outreach to various groups over the years!